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– high-temp epoxies and adhesives.

P: (2008-01; 2009-02) Duralco 128 thermally-conductive epoxy, used it in single-photon detector assemblies.


– inexpensive calcium sulfate desiccant, works probably down to −60 or −70 °C.

P: (2008-01) a few bottles, used it in single-photon detector assemblies.

Sigma Aldrich

– big chemical concern, produces a lot of chemicals.

P: (2008-02) a few strong desiccants: P2O5, BaO.

Merck Chemicals

P: (2008-02) Sicapent desiccant (P2O5 on carrier).


– among other stuff, solvents for cured epoxy. I’ve no idea how well they work, will try :).

P: (2008-11) test kit of four cured epoxy solvent, with ridiculously expensive shipping cost to Norway.

Advent Research Materials

– Metals and alloys in various form: wire, foil.

P: (2009-03) Pt wire 50 μm annealed TC.

Abbreviations for my internal notes

C: catalog or information was requested
P: products we bought from the firm
U: used those products

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