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Pentium processor


in chronological order


Their UK Site offers best selection and set of catalogs (click "Our Catalogue", then "Request...")

- A huge reseller of electronic components and industrial products

They list several Russian distributors

C: 10.97(given away) (11.98)


- large Swedish mailorder company

To make sure the items you see on the site are in stock, you should call them (800 10135 in Norway)

CUSTNR: in paper archive
PW: reminder: a numbered beast
C: 05.99 06.04(autoreminder)
P: 06.99: AC-series logic, Schroff 69006-194 breadboard (turned out to be one-sided with non-metallized holes, but fitted our Vero rack module perfectly)


- Norwegian representative. RF, microwave and fiber optics. Notable Suhner cables, connectors and resistive coaxial components

C: 08.99(Suhner set of catalogs) 11.01(announce of local electronics exhibition by EIF - useful)
U: Suhner SMA & BNC connectors, cables, attenuators
P: 01.2000: Suhner SMA cables, attenuators, adapters, DC block

OSEE - Online Symposium for Electronics Engineers

- On-line conference (you can attend view archived presentations, "attend" live lectures and submit your own for consideration)

Warning! Collects email and other personal data for advertising purposes. Fake registration recommended.

Login (fake): test@hotmail.com
C: 11.00(pushed - direct mail ad)

Individual Firms

in chronological order

Analog Devices

As far as I know, catalogs are better oblained from local dealers. You can also try on-line form. From 1996, they print a catalog with first datasheet pages for every product they made + CD with complete datasheets.

They used to arrange one-day free seminars for electronic designers in many big cities, including Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Ask your local dealer.

PW: in old e-mail
C: *.96 (04.99)
P: about ten ICs (96-97, Eltech - SPb)


On-line literature and free samples request. Don't try to order more then one free sample for the first time. In Russia, you will have to pay a hefty customs duty getting it.

C: *.96 *.97 10.98
P: Few switched capacitor filters (96-97, Spezial-Electronic - SPb)


- sold out?

C: *.96(at Spezial-Electronic - SPb) *.97

Motorola and its Semiconductor Products

Their sophisticated fully-automated on-line literature ordering system can't do just a single thing - tell you that it will not proceed your request because everything is on-line before just after you press the "Submit" button. Shortly, don't use it.

C: 09.97(given away)

National Semiconductor

Logic, memory, EEPROM and discrete parts were sold off to Fairchild in 1997

C: *.97


- classical RF/IF components

On-line literature request

C: *.97
U: (Diode) frequency mixer


- industrial signal conditioning and data communications

C: 10.97


C: 10.97


- analog ICs

C: *.97


- a variety of non-volatile memory

C: 10.97

VERO Electronics

It is still not clear which of their sites is "right" (see also Vero UK)

- packaging hardware - cases, racks, cabinets, some of them with power supplies

C: 10.97 (11.98)
U: Small rack system

Dallas Semiconductor

- special function ICs for microprocessor systems

C: 10.97


- interconnect products

C: 11.97


(Old stuff to be transferred from paper)


- batteries

Check out the OEM Section of the site for professional info on batteries (data sheets, etc.)

P: Studied performance of lithium CR123


(Old stuff to be transferred from paper)

HP (Hewlett-Packard) > Electronic Components (no longer?)

C: 10.98(badly abrupted address)


- microwave and satellite communication components

E-mail them to contact (see the site). They list a Norwegian representative.

C: (10.98)
U: AFS4-00101800-43-10P-4  S/N 203897


- DAS, digital panel meters, DC/DC converters, ADC

C: (12.98)

Texas Instruments

C: 09.00(spam-like unsolicited email ad from Danish TI representative)
P: 05.99(for Kirill Vylegjanine): SN74ALS series logic ICs

Pasternack Enterprises (Coaxial Products Division)

- cables, connectors, attenuators, terminators, other coaxial-packaged components, relevant tools

Address: Pasternack Enterprises, P. O. Box 16759, Irvine, CA 92623-6759 U.S.A.
Phone: (949) 261-1920
Fax: (949) 261-7451

C: 06.99(pushed) 11.00(auto) 05.02(auto)

Philips > Semiconductors

P: 07.99: 1N4448 - let it be my general purpose small signal diode


- a range of quite specialized products, electronic and mechanical components.

C: 05.00: Requested advertised free samples of HeatPath, got a call, confirmed the request and received only paper ads.


- thermal solutions (all kinds: thermoelectric coolers, cooling equipment, conditioners, fans, heat sinks, compounds, themperature controllers, design software, etc.)

[Also: about thermoelectric coolers (in Russian)]


- batteries

Tech Info section contains comprehensive collection of data sheets

P: Lithium AAs (L91) is an indispensable resource for my photo flash (Canon 220EX): 4s recharge time guaranteed through the battery lifetime, while with alcaline AAs it promptly slipped to 8-10s and I missed shots. For this application, the lithiums are well worth the cost.

Analog Technologies

— cheap SMD component sets, glassbead thermistors, laser and TEC controllers (IC-sized).

P: 2010: SMD resistor and capacitor kits. They are cheap (for the quantity of components included!), but there are a couple of problems with the quality. First, the resistors in the kit are relatively weak mechanically, and have metallization slightly more easily breaking off than other SMD resistors of the same size I have. This only matters when you solder resistors vertically to the PCB and solder wires hanging off their other ends, which you should never do anyway :). Second, you have to request when you order, that all your kits, regardless of the component size, are made with plastic box type SK128A (the slightly more expensive box with tighter-fitting cell lids). When mine came in SK128 boxes, there was a mechanical problem with cell lids. I had to request a bunch or labeled cell lids of the other type and manually replace all them. Third, paper labels on the outside of the big boxes came off and had to be re-glued. Yuck. But I will probably order these kits again.

Aeroflex / Metelics

— step recovery diodes.

P: 2008: SRD MMDB30-E28.

Engineering Lab

— PCB repair, rework and soldering supplies.


— prototyping PCBs, including ones for single SMD ICs.

P: 201112: a variety of prototyping boards.


— interconnect components, solderable (test points, contacts, etc.) and mechanical assembly small hardware for electronics.

P: 2011: small test points.

Abbreviations for my internal notes

C: months.years when catalog or other information was requested; (month.year) - requested but haven't yet received
P: products we bought from the firm
U: used those products

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