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Quantum cryptography setup. Components from OZ Optics, CIR, Uniphase, Princeton Optics, JDS Fitel


in chronological order

Edmund Scientific

- A large reseller serving needs of a range of customers - from researchers to hobbyists

Their Industrial Optics Division offers a lot for many optic and imaging applications and even few fiber optic products. Request a catalog on-line

Their Consumer Science Division... isn't the name impressive? Request a catalog on-line

You will be getting the catalogs regularly after you fill in the forms

C: 11.97 *.98(auto) 11.98 11.99(auto: Optics and Optical Instruments catalog) 10.00(auto: Optics and Optical Instruments catalog) 03.01(auto: Optics and Optical Instruments catalog) 10.01(auto: Optics and Optical Instruments catalog) 03.02(auto: Optics and Optical Instruments catalog)


- an association for North American manufacturers of lasers and related electro-optics equipment

Links to its members and other sites

Optoelectronics World

- on-line buyers guide

Gamma Optronik AB

- Nordic "representative... in the field of optronics"

C: 05.99(pushed an offer to send Coherent, Newport and Oriel Instruments catalogs) 09.99(checked if I got the catalogs)


- Nordic representative. RF, microwave and fiber optics

The Fiber Optic Marketplace

PHI Fiberoptikk

- Nordic representative for some fiberoptic products

Oslo office: tel. 22336611, fax 22331266

UK Site of Laser 2000

- distributor of lasers, optics and fibre optic equipment

C: (12.00)

Individual Firms

in chronological order


C: 10.98 (11.98) 05.99(pushed by Nordic distributor - Gamma Optronik AB)
U: This is one of our main suppliers. Perhaps the most prominent products are vibration-damped optical tables installed in all our labs

JDS Fitel (now JDS Uniphase)

- wide range of components and some equipment for fiberoptic communications

Requested catalog by email and was redirected to the local Norwegian representative - PHI Fiberoptikk.

02.99: The idea of local representative seems lame. It's an extra weak link in the chain of selling off-the-shelf products.

C: 11.97 09.98
P: 12.98: VA4 variable attenuator
U: 97-98: TB2500 series tunable Fabry-Perot filter

Fiber Optic Products of Amphenol

- interconnect products

C: 11.97

Oriel Instruments

- a wide range of "components and instruments to make, move and measure light", including fiber-optic ones

On-line literature request (look at the site)

C: 11.97 12.98(received from Nordic distributor - Gamma Optronik AB) 05.99(pushed by Nordic distributor - Gamma Optronik AB)

Melles Griot

- lasers, machine vision/optics, opto-mechanics

On-line catalog and literature requests (look at the site)

C: 11.97 12.98 02.98(checked their stand here in the EL building) 10.99(autoreminder about stands) 12.99(auto) 05.00(autoreminder)

Auburn Group of Coherent

- "products for laser and photonics applications"

C: 11.97 05.99(pushed by Nordic distributor - Gamma Optronik AB)


(Old stuff to be transferred from paper)

New Focus

- "photonics tools", including DC-60 Ghz photodetectors

C: 11.97 01.99(cat+ANs) 12.02(auto)
P: 04.00: 1444 18.5-ps photodetector


(Old stuff to be transferred from paper)

Fibre Optics Division of Sifam Group (site will screw your browser window)

- couplers, including more than 2x2 and WDM pump/signal, variable ratio coupler, polarizer. But you won't find this on their web site

On-line catalog request (look at the page). I was redirected to the local Norwegian representative - PHI Fiberoptikk.

C: 12.97 12.98


- everythihg for open-path setups

On-line catalog request (look at the site)

C: *.97 (10.98)


- detectors (notably 1.7um PMT) and emitters, imaging systems

C: 11.97 *.98(autoreminder) *.99(autoreminder)

EG&G (now split into EG&G and PerkinElmer, the latter being of interest for me)

Vadim Makarov works with PerkinElmer detector.  Image ©adressa.no PerkinElmer SPCM-AQR module disassembled PCB from PerkinElmer SPCM-AQR module, top side PCB from PerkinElmer SPCM-AQR module, bottom side

- stuck in their poorly organized site in a huge pile of product lines... and left a message to their Optoelectronics Division regarding detectors (including APDs) and semiconductor lasers
- including compact closed-cycle coolers (77K)

(04.2000) Not only did they have visible havoc in their organization and product structure, but they also repeatedly broke my hand-picked links. (12.2000) PerkinElmer site reliably hangs up my Netscape and WinNT, requiring a reboot. At the same time, it still lacks product information.

C: 09.98 06.99(reminder?) 10.99(price req. for closed-cycle coolers - asked for my exact custom specs, refusing to give a ballpark estimate which I needed)
P: (2008-03) C30902S Si APDs; (2008-11) SPCM-AQRH single photon detector module.

Innovative Fibers (now acquired by Alcatel)

- fiber Bragg gratings

U: 97-98: Sidelobs-suppressed gratings for sensors: 1550.5nm, 150pm linewidth, 50% reflectivity, sidelobs <-30dB, 2-3cm long

OFR (Optics for Research)

- fiber optic components and classical optics, including fiber-optic variable delay line

On-line catalog request

C: (09.98) 12.98(got from Norwegian representative - Mestec AS)

GOULD >> Fiber Optics

- couplers, etc. for telecommunications, including PM fused couplers

C: 09.98

OZ Optics

- fiber optic components (full range geared towards research, semi-custom orders) & some test equipment

On-line information request (click "Mail info"). Their full catalog is actually a set of sheets

(01.01) In my experience, this is a company with good internal workflow planning (if they schedule to ship your order on 18th, it will ship that day). The downside of this is that it is not possible to get "custom" delivery times and any custom managerial arrangements, even as simple as explaining that you have temporarily changed your fax number.
You'd better double check that they actually scheduled your order, though!

C: 09.98 08.99(autoreminder) 11.99(autoreminder) 03.00(circulators info) 03.01(autoreminder) 05.01(autoreminder - announce of conference booth) 05.01(exactly the same autoreminder again) 06.01(autoreminder - announce of conference booth) 06.01(autoreminder - announce of another conference booth) 07.01(autoreminder - announce of yet another conference booth) 01.02(autoreminder)
P: 12.98: 1300/1550nm dual-wavelength polarizing splitters, polarizer, in-line polarization controller, sleeve-through adapters for PM FC connectors;
07.00: one more in-line polarization controller, more sleeve-through adapters
12.00: PM pathcords, more sleeve-through adapters
03.01: 20m-long PM pathcord (they said they don't sell just fiber, so I had to stick a connector into the spec): Lost my faxed order! Two-months delay resulted. Explosive growth of the company is not the best thing for their customers.
07.01: Didn't want to take a single-item order: "We don't offer (a fixed-value PM fiber attenuator) at this time".
01.02: What a pain in the ass has it become to order small items from them! We tried to 'cheat' and order from another company that they had no record of, and still they messed it up and lost the order again.
05.03: Got email from OZ (from Garland Best) regarding the two previous comments above, saying they were in "growing pains" when the mess occurred, and they should be better for small orders now.

JDS Uniphase

- telecom (semiconductor lasers, modulators, transmitters, FBG and optical modules) and CATV (Community Antenna Television) products, gas lasers

Phase modulator, cover removed Damage in phase modulator

C: 12.97 (09.98)
U: 98-99: 8 GHz fiber optic phase modulators (travelling wave type) - now discontinued, (07.00) both of which we successfully broke, one of them very photogenically (see images).
P: We would have purchased another couple of phase modulators if they weren't discontinued just before we faxed the order :-(. We turned to Alenia Marconi/ Crisel Instruments.

CIR (Canadian Instrumentation and Research Limited)

- all-fiber couplers, including variable ratio ones, custom spliceless fiber assemblies

Will send several ad sheets on request: cir@netaccess.on.ca

Part of quantum cryptography system. Components from CIR (variable coupler at left), OZ Optics, Uniphase

C: 10.98
P: 12.98: 905P PM variable ratio couplers

E-TEK Dynamics (swallowed by JDS Uniphase)

- a range of fiber optic components

On-line information request form - click "Register" on the site

C: 11.98(got from Nordic representative - Sangus)


Just an entry to a bunch of beatifully graphically designed but useless sites (still in 07.00)

- fiber, notably Panda style PM, splicers, fiber optic components
- non-fiberoptic products, including pressure sensors, transducers and accelerometers

Request info on fiber optic products by e-mail

C: 11.98(got from Fujikura Europe Limited, e-mail) (12.98(never answered my e-mail with questions)) 06.99(auto reminder)

IRE-Polus Group,

including IPG Laser GmbH

- extremely high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers

C: (01.2000)


- fiber!

ID: Makarov PW: insecure
U: 97-99: SMF-28 1300/1550nm standard SM fiber
C: 07.99(leaflet pushed - requested quarterly magazine - got it one year later) 09.99(got SMF-28 fiber datasheet - did I request it?) 09.99(reply for customer response card I sent last time)

Princeton Optics Inc.

- fiber optic components

12.98: They could not send an invoice before the product is shipped. 02.99: They were acquired by the ADC Telecommunications, (07.00) but still can be reached at 609-771-4370 (US).

C: (12.98)
P: 12.98: PM 50mm variable delay line (now discontinued) - they were somewhat slow proceeding the order due to encountered technological problems with my specification of PM line


- fiber optic components (filters, attenuators, variable delay line), light sources and measurement systems

They have an on-line enquiry form, but I used e-mail

C: 12.98 08.99(autoreminder) 12.99(Christmas autoreminder) 07.00(quotation req.) 11.00(autoreminder - cute postcard) 12.00(Christmas autoreminder) 02.01(autoreminder) 03.01(autoreminder) 07.01(autoreminder) 07.01(autoreminder) 02.02(autoreminder) 03.02(autoreminder) 08.02(autoreminder) 10.02(autoreminder) 10.02(another autoreminder) 12.02(autoreminder) 11.03(autoreminder) 02.04(autoreminder)

Laser Diode, Inc.

- just that, pigtailed laser diodes and LEDs, transmitter and receiver modules

On-line contact form (look at the site)

C: 12.98(pushed by PHI Fiberoptikk)

EPITAXX (swallowed by JDS Uniphase)

03.99: The site doesn't seem updated

- InGaAs detectors and receivers, including APDs

C: 03.99(info on APDs, but the promised data sheets never followed)

ILX Lightwave

- laser diode control instrumentation, wavelength and power meters, optical sources

C: 05.99(Laser Diode Control catalog) 08.99(autoreminder) 08.00(autoreminder)

NPO Orion

- semiconductor photodiodes - p-i-n (Si, Ge, InGaAsP/InP), APD (Si, Ge)

Tel. in Moscow, Russia: + 007 095 1761679, + 007 095 3069462, more private numbers in my file

P: 07.99: two Ge APDs in a fiber-compatible wide-temperature range package: we burned out one, another showed the quantum efficiency of less than 10% (specified 70%) possibly because it didn't stand the temperature of -77K we exposed it to, or due to another damage?

IONAS (01.03: now NKT Integration)

- planar silica-on-silicon waveguide devices;
DFB fiber lasers and FBGs(?) are now an independent company: Koheras

C: 06.99

Fiztech (Natalia Michailovna Schmidt)

- InGaAs p-i-n diodes

Tel. in St. Petersburg, Russia: + 007 812 2479193

C: 10.99(ad sheet)


- optomechanics, optoelectronics (including some lab instruments), optics, fiber optics, a variety of fiber for sale

C: 07.00(delivered 11.00) 10.00(autoreminder) 05.01(autoreminder) 11.01(auto) 09.02(autoreminder) 11.02(auto) 03.03(autoreminder) 08.03(autoreminder) 04.04 (autoreminder: info about opening Scandinavian office in Göteborg) 06.04 (autoreminder) 06.04 (autoreminder) 08.04 (autoreminder)
U: (12.00) SV2-FC 2GHz fiber optic detector: cheap flimsy mechanical construction (failed in normal use and had to be re-soldered inside); even with this design, the failure could be prevented simply by better inner shape of the plastic case (probably applies to SIR5-FC and SUV7-FC detectors as well).
P: 07.00: Fiber polarization controller FPC011

Seikoh Giken

- fiber optic connectors and polishing machines, attenuators, WDM


2003: changed profile/ got acquired?
- all-fiber evanescent field components: switches, variable attenuators, polarizers, depolarizers, polarization controllers

Integrated Optical Circuit Consultants

- Consultig on lithium niobate devices technology. The site shows a glimpse of what's inside these things.

Ramar (swallowed by JDS Uniphase)

- (12.00) does it still have the ghost site? It wasted my time when (10.00) the company appeared to be impossible to reach.

- lithium niobate modulators (single- and dual-output intensity modulators, phase modulators up to 20GHz, polarization scramblers, more special devices)

MPI (Micro Photonics Integration)

- lithium niobate devices (intensity & phase modulators and some other stuff)

Lucent Technologies > Optoelectronics

- telecom components: lasers, photodetectors, receivers/transmitters, Er-doped things, lithium niobate modulators (1550 amplitude modulators only)

Crisel Instruments, retail representative of Alenia Marconi Systems

- lithium niobate devices (intensity & phase modulators and some other stuff)

Part of quantum cryptography system. Components from Alenia Marconi, CIR, Princeton Optics, OZ Optics

P: (12.00) Five 1300nm 1GHz feed-through (no internal termination) phase modulators. Oh damn! We needed only two, but our spec had recently become a special order with minimum quantity of five (with a hefty price tag). Almost nobody needed 1300nm phase modulators at that time already, only high-speed (20+ GHz) 1550nm ones. (07.01) Delivery time on the above phase modulators was stretching like a rubber (from two to four to six to seven months).


- Optical sensor of electric field (RF): complete measurement systems. Also usual lithium niobate modulators (phase modulators: 1550nm only)


- lasers and accessories, laser- and nonlinear crystals, opical and mechanical components, intravolume glass laser marking

C: 01.01(nonlinear crystals)
U: Custom-made BBO nonlinear crystal for downconversion (00-01 in Stockholm)

Telecom division of Pirelli

- fiber and cables (fiber-optic and copper)
Clueless site

Lightwave Electronics

- diode pumped lasers, including stable ones for interferometric sensor applications.


- fiber fusion splicing workstations, including polarization maintaining ones (rotation alignment)


- polarization controllers and scramblers


- LiNbO3 planar waveguide modulators in many custom configurations (phase modulators, polarization controllers, switches, etc.).


– Wavelength-stabilized 405–785 nm laser diodes


– Clip-on fiber coupler, compact reflectometer and other products.

Laser Components

– incl. Si APDs of suitable parameters for single-photon counting.


– Modelocked ps fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers.


– Cheap modelocked ps fiber laser 1550 nm.


– Surplus dealer of fiber-optic parts, especially fiber-pigtailed semiconductor lasers.

Abbreviations for my internal notes

C: months.years when catalog or other information was requested; (month.year) - requested but haven't yet received
P: products we bought from the firm
U: used those products

Vadim Makarov

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