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"Light, the first created element, draws the picture."
—William Langenheim

You want to know: Were all of the things you see in a remarkable photograph really there when the picture was taken? Or were they added later? By attaching the FoundView checkmark to a photograph, the photographer or publisher guarantees that the viewer is seeing the forms and shapes that the camera recorded the moment the shutter was clicked—no more, and no less.

Computer technology has made it easier than ever before to manipulate forms and shapes in photographs, in ways that are indiscernible to even the most observant viewer. Because the viewer wants to know whether any forms or shapes were altered in a realistic-looking photograph, FoundView provides a simple way for photographers and publishers to label their own photographs accordingly. The FoundView checkmark is their guarantee that post-shutter manipulation, if any, was limited to tonal variations (contrast, brightness, intensity, hue) and that no one involved in producing a FoundView photograph moved, added, deleted (except by cropping), or otherwise altered any forms or shapes in that photograph after the shutter was clicked.


"The contemplation of things as they are,
without error or confusion, without substitution or imposture,
is in itself a nobler thing than the whole harvest of invention."
—Francis Bacon (posted on Dorothea Lange's darkroom door)



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