Entry door plaque: “Doctoral defence in progress”  

Vadim Makarov’s doctoral defence

at NTNU on April 30, 2007
as photographed by Anders Karlsson

Trial lecture

(a lecture on an assigned topic outside candidate’s field of expertise; this is a part of all doctoral defences in Norway)

The trial lecture included a funny experimental demonstration:

Professor Skaar argued that I did not need to build an experimental setup, because the effect could be shown manually:


PhD defence

happens later the same day, after the trial lecture

My presentation and questioning by an opponent:

Just a few people stayed to the end, among them: Lars, Astrid, Norbert, Johannes, and Vadim

Images taken with Olympus μ725 SW point-and-shoot digital camera, handheld.
You can download my PhD thesis from the list of publications.

Photographs ©2007 Anders Karlsson; image adjustment and layout by Vadim Makarov
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