Fiber-optic voltage sensor based on a Bi12TiO20 crystal

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Valery Filippov, Andrey Starodumov, Yuri Barmenkov, and Vadim Makarov, "Fiber-optic voltage sensor based on a Bi12TiO20 crystal," Journal of Applied Optics 39, 1389-1393 (2000).


A fiber-optic voltage sensor based on the longitudinal Pockels effect in a Bi12TiO20 crystal is described. The use of a special backreflecting prism as a phase-retarding element is shown to improve the sensitivity and temperature stability of the sensor. A comparison between the temperature properties of the glass backreflecting prism and that of a quarter-wave plate is derived. The sensor demonstrates temperature stability of ±1.5% from -20°C to 60°C and sensitivity of 0.145% per 1 Vrms at 850 nm without the use of an additional temperature control channel.


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