Attacks via optical loopholes

a talk by Vadim Makarov from Quantum Cryptography group
given on the 1st Quantum Information Theory (QIT) workshop of SECOQC project in Erlangen, September 13—17, 2004

You can download the slides: PDF (1.3MB) | PowerPoint (2.0MB)

The presentation explains several practical attacks on quantum cryptosystems, studied during the years 2000 through 2004: large pulse attack, light emission from APDs, and faked states attack on systems with both passive and active basis choice. The principle and examples of each attack are given. The consequences and possible protection measures against each attack are considered.

There are 39+ slides in this one-hour talk. The PowerPoint version has some animations (run it in the Slide Show mode to see animations).
The presentation is targeted to people familiar with quantum cryptography research.
As usual, there are no written comments, just the slides.

Vadim Makarov