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Our research

The main direction of research for the Quantum hacking lab is testing practical security of quantum communication systems, finding and demonstrating new loopholes, and helping to develop and test countermeasures. For example, quantum cryptography is absolutely secure in theory. However, practical implementations often deviate from the theory description, which leaves loopholes for eavesdropping. By openly publishing all our results, we ensure hardening of quantum communication technology against all possible attacks. This work will also contribute to certification standards for quantum communication equipment.

Here are some short news articles about us (picked from larger press archive):

We also do some single-photon detector development for long-distance quantum communications, e.g., via satellite.

Current collaborations

Whiteboard drawing by our students   
Our cat is always alive (and cooperating)!   
   Click for larger image. ©2017 Vadim Makarov, Scott McManus / IQC
Our lab members and collaborators in 2017
Click for larger image. ©2015 Vadim Makarov
PhD student Anqi Huang tests security strength of a commercial quantum cryptography system
Click for larger image. ©2016 Vadim Makarov
Discussion with visitor Marcos Curty
Click for larger image. ©2014 Vadim Makarov
Guest researchers Kejin Wei and Feihu Xu work with our PhD student Shihan Sajeed
Click for larger image. ©2014 Vadim Makarov
Undergraduate student Jin Gyu Lim works on an experiment
Click for larger image. ©2016 Vadim Makarov
Master’s student Jin Gyu Lim shows his setup for testing single-photon detectors
Click for larger image. ©2014 Vadim Makarov
PhD student Anqi Huang with her team’s prize-winning carving at IQC Halloween party 2014
Live demo of ID Quantique’s commercial quantum cryptography equipment at Quantum-nano centre’s grand opening in Waterloo. Image ©2012 IQC / Peter Kovacs
Public demo of commercial quantum cryptography equipment
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