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Links That Changed Me

by Vadim Makarov

Few internet resources have managed to influence me and my life. Here they are, most recent on top (not including web resources that I have started and been maintaining myself, which undoubtedly changed me, too :-).

  • arXiv preprint archive and all the traditional journals that had become available electronically over the few preceding years. Although instant electronic access to scientific articles is merely a convenience (comparing to a trip to a library), to me it has been a big enough convenience that has encouraged to read much more.
  • 2005  
  • Wikipedia, the first encyclopedia that I could actually read. Mind you, I had owned several paper encyclopedias before, but found them of virtually no use.
  • Lib.Ru helped me rediscover fiction books after many years of almost exclusively browsing the Web.
  • 2003  
  • I finally stopped trying to make a large community site based on the OpenACS toolkit. The toolkit was a geekhole, not really accessible to non-programmers. I wasted two years of time (as a hobby activity) before realizing this.
  • 2002  
  • I discovered Slashdot.
  • 2001  
  • Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox column has improved my understanding of the Web and design of my pages.
  • A primer on how to be a graduate student in physical science or engineering by Chuck Doswell. I read it from first to last byte and found enlightening, in a sense.
  • Radio Liberty (in Russian): listen to the life channel or records from the audio archive while having meals in your office.
  • 1998  
  • news. Became less interesting to me in 2001.
  • a photography community. Its Q&A Forum kept me coming back every day for several years. I took the design style of my pages from its founder Philip Greenspun.
  • 1996  

    All the other thousands of sites that I visited or used were no more than glimpses on the sky of my life.

    Tools and resources I use regularly

    Vadim Makarov
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