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Palm Sunday. Church at the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University


Palm doesn't grow in most of Russia. We use white willow instead.
This church, originally built as a part of the university campus, was closed during Soviet times. The golden dome was destroyed and building used for other purposes. Most recently, it served as a hangar for S-125 SAM missile launcher used for military training. Around 1995, the church was restored.

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Right: Nina M. Petrova

Fujichrome Sensia II 100 film, Canon EOS-500N, EF 28mm 1:1.8 USM lens, polarizer (darkened sky a bit and allowed for large aperture at camera's fastest shutter speed) f/1.8 1/2000, sunny 16+2, focus on the face, handheld. Taken on April 3, 1999. Scanned on Nikon LS-2000 scanner.

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Vadim Makarov