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SUBSC: (12.98)

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- DAS and industrial PCs (i. e. tested for rigorous environmental conditions)

C: *.96(bought) 11.97


- also listed in stand-alone T&M

Represented in Norway by Teleinstrument A/S

C: 10.97 12.98 09.99(auto new products sheet) 11.00(autoreminder) 08.01(autoreminder) 06.03(autoreminder; via Teleinstrument A/S) 10.04(autoreminder; follow-up to seven-years-old catalog request!)

National Instruments

- computer-based measurement and automation - hard- and software. LabVIEW

C: 10.97 (11.98)


C: 11.97 12.98


C: 11.97


C: 11.97

Data Translation

C: 11.97


C: 11.97

GW Instruments

C. 11.97

Intelligent Instrumentation

C: 11.97


- very high-speed, deep-buffered DAS and waveform generation for the ISA and PCI buses

C: 11.97

Link Instruments

- cards: digital oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers and I2C monitors for the ISA bus and parallel port

C: 11.97

Celerity Systems Inc.

- very high-speed, deep-buffered DAS and playback systems for the VME bus

Request a catalog by e-mail

C: 12.98(then got a call from Norwegian representative - VSYSTEMS)


- DAS, digital panel meters, DC/DC converters, ADC

C: (12.98)

PC Instruments

- "high-performance instruments for the PC", including waveform generators and fast sampling oscilloscope cards

C: 12.98 (a bunch of ad sheets requested by email:


- "PC-based test solutions", including authorized distribution of products from PC Instruments.

C: (12.98)

Abbreviations for my internal notes

C: months.years when catalog or other information was requested; (month.year) - requested but haven't yet received
P: products we bought from the firm
U: used those products

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