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Quantum eavesdropping setup. Instruments from Opto-Electronics Inc., HP/Agilent, Tektronix


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- a large reseller

On-line catalog request (look at the site)

RE: insecure
C: 11.97 (11.98)

T&M Part of Microlease Site

- not exact a directory, but many names are there

Individual Firms

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EG&G (now split into EG&G and PerkinElmer, the latter being of interest for me)

- sure, they make some instruments, lock-in amplifiers, for example. You may even left a message to an appropriate division

C: 10.97


- also listed in DAS

C: 10.97 12.98 09.99(auto new products sheet) 11.00(autoreminder) 08.01(autoreminder) 06.03(autoreminder; via Teleinstrument A/S) 10.04(autoreminder; follow-up to seven-years-old catalog request!)


C: 11.97


Absurdly, there are three different sites for the same set of products

- a bit of everything, including different measuring instruments (OTDR, spectrum and network analyzers, generators, etc.) and even laser diodes.

C: 11.97


- measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH and conductivity; DAS, electric heating and custom engineered products

This is the only company I know that charges international customers for the catalogs

Capovani Brothers Inc.

- used equipment, mainly large industrial

Probably, their printed catalog (look at the site) doesn't have a long-term value


Try to type "www.advantest.com" in your browser. Where do you get? Is it a main corporate site with no valuable information on-line? Yeah, probably. They just don't bother to be in the Internet.

Then note the link "Advantest Corporation" and follow it. For me, this looks like a sabotage.

- T&M instruments and ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) for the semiconductor industry

C: (11.98(email to the Instruments Group: a.jacobson@aaiate.com))


- laser T&M, surface imaging and measurement, nanometer-scale positioning

C: 11.98

SRS (Stanford Research Systems)

C: 11.97 08.98
U: For example, SR770 FFT Network Analyzer. SRS is one of our main suppliers

Agilent Technologies

(formerly HP (Hewlett-Packard) T&M, Semiconductor Products and other divisions)

In 1997, the site refused to accept my catalog request to Russia referring to an US government ban, but now this feature seems to be gone.

C: *.97 09.98(some)
U: A lot of devices. HP is one of our main suppliers


C: 11.97 (11.98) (fall.99 gave my address to the dealer at a local exhibition) 11.99(autoreminder) 01.00(autoreminder) 03.00(autoreminder) 06.00(autoreminder) 08.00(notification of new sampling oscilloscope requested a year ago) 09.00(autoreminder) 11.00(autoreminder -> req. cat. on Tektronix Europe site) 03.01(announce of local equipment show) 04.01(autoreminder) 06.01(autoreminder) 11.01(autoreminder) 12.01(autoreminder) 01.02(autoreminder) 03.02(autoreminder) 03.03(autoreminder) 10.03(autoreminder) 10.03(another autoreminder)

Picosecond Pulse Labs (PSPL)

- very fast risetime pulse generators & broadband coaxial components, including amplifiers

Swedish representative - Solitec

C: 11.98


- fast and high-voltage pulse generators, laser diode drivers and other stuff

C: 11.97 11.98
P: Pulse generator: 25MHz 15V@50 Ohm 2-15ns 100ps rise/600ps fall times: AVM-3-C-P-PN-M-D-OT-EA-EW-ED-EO


- CATV, Telecom (OTDR, etc.), Wireless, LAN/Test Tools, T&M divisions

Information request forms in each section of the site

C: 11.98


- specialize on DSOs (Digital Storage Oscilloscopes) and systems on their base, make also ASOs (Analog Storage Oscilloscopes), an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) and a lot of instrumentation for research physics. Their decent 9200 series pulse generator is now discontinued

There is more then one on-line information request form on their site

UN: Makarov PW: unsecure
C: 11.98(sent wrong catalog) (11.98) 02.01(autoreminder) 02.01

Opto-Electronics Inc.

- picosecond: photodetectors, diode lasers, fiberoptic system (mainframe+modules), OTDR

Request catalog by e-mail

C: 11.98 06.00(ANs) 08.00(requested permission to reprint a figure from manual in our research paper and promptly received updated figure)
U: Picosecond Fiber-Optic System
P: (03.00) Repair of the above :-( (12.00) PPL1M 1550nm pulsed laser module; calibration of POA 10 variable attenuator for both 1550nm and 1300nm (was calibrated for 1300nm only)


- picosecond pulsed diode lasers and laser drivers, PC-board for time-correlated single photon counting (TimeHarp 100), fluorescence lifetime measurement systems

Highland Technology

- a 4-channel digital delay generator with low jitter and high-voltage outputs, and other stuff.
P: (2008-11) P400 digital delay generator.

Quantum Composers

- a versatile multi-channel digital delay generator with ~1 ns jitter.

Berkeley Nucleonics

- digital delay generators rebranded from Quantum Composers.

Luna Technologies

— OFDR, tunable lasers.


— optical power and energy meters.


— handheld optical power meter with RS-232.

Abbreviations for my internal notes

C: months.years when catalog or other information was requested; (month.year) - requested but haven't yet received
P: products we bought from the firm
U: used those products

Vadim Makarov

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