This page by Don Doucette is preserved here to complement Dirty scanner optics article.
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Cleaning the mirrors on a LS2000 Scanner is fairly straight forward
but be cautious the front silvered mirrors are very delicate and
can be damaged very easily. Attempt at your own risk, you assume ALL responsibility!

Remove 4 screws at back of scanner and remove side panels.
2 clips hold front panel on, remove front panel.
Remove top sheet metal panel.
Disconnect wiring harnesses from bottom of circuit board and remove circuit board. In the middle of the circuit board there is a connector for the flexible ribbon cable that is part of the top adapter guide assembly, be careful handling this as they are notoriously fragile. The ribbon can be seen in the photo below.


Remove 2 screws (yellow dots) 2 more on other side, remove screw (magenta dot) and remove guide bar (green highlight) Remove LED assembly.
Remove the top plastic cover of the LED assembly and check/remove dust, usually the mirror in this section is clean but check it anyway. Don't clean it unless it is necessary.
Remove the top adapter guide assembly.
Remove the lower adapter guide assembly
Remove the plastic CCD assembly cover.
Check the mirror, lens and CCD for dust. DO NOT TOUCH THE CCD ASSEMBLY! Clean the mirror and lens (both ends, DO NOT REMOVE) only if required and ONLY use a low pressure stream of air to dust the CCD. Again be very careful with these optical parts as they damage easily!
The mirror shown here is quite dusty/dirty sufficiently lowering the quality of scans derived from this scanner. After cleaning, the scanner produced excellent scans. Assembly is the reverse of what is shown here.

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