Comparison of Scans...
     HP Photosmart and Leafscan 35 film scanners.

contributed by Joshua Martin for Dirty Scanner Optics article

This is a post-sunset image of Rakaposhi mountain in northern Pakistan.
Details:  Fuji Velvia, 24mm/f2.8 lens at f5.6, 7 minute exposure taken approximately 20 minutes after sunset.

HP Photosmart (original model), undisclosed DMax, 2400ppi.

Notice the diagonal bar pattern, at the bottom left-hand corner, visible in the water flow.  Also, notice the noise showing in the sky, water, and other non-black/non-white areas.  There is no detail in either side of the valley.

Leafscan 35, DMax of 3.7, 4000ppi.

Notice the increased image detail and lack of noise, particularly in the sky and the rocks near the glacier stream.  Notice the terrain detail absent from the HP scan.  Even the orange glow of reflected incandescent light is visible (near middle of left-hand slope) from a rural rest stop on the opposite slope.