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Artem Vakhitov tunes up eavesdropper's (Eve's) setup for 'large pulse attack' on a quantum cryptosystem


Foam insulation on the optical table covers the reference arm of Eve's homodyne detector, in order to slow down phase drift in her interferometer.

This picture from Quantum hacking lab gallery illustrates Artem's Master thesis and Artem's paper pages, T&M Equipment directory, List of Former Members of Skazka, Russian Society of Trondheim and is included in Picture Collection (ref. nr. a60-19) on Photo Pages

Fujichrome Sensia II 100 film, Canon EOS 3, EF 28mm 1:1.8 USM lens, UV(0) filter, f/11 1sec, >DOF, spot metering: scene -2 to +1; 220EX 2nd curtain flash -2/3, flash exposure lock (FEL) used to prevent Artem from blinking at E-TTL pre-flash; tripod. Taken in May 2000. Scanned on Nikon LS30 scanner.

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Vadim Makarov