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PerkinElmer SliK avalanche photodiode decapsulated


The package (about 15 mm in diameter at the outer rim) contains the APD and thermistor atop a two-stage thermoelectric cooler. It was extracted from a detector module SPCM-AQR-13-FC, s/n 7069. We killed this APD in an experiment, so it was dead anyway and could be opened.

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Taken on May 10, 2011.
Canon EOS 450D digital camera, ISO 100, EF 75–300 1:4–5.6 II lens at 90 mm with Canon close-up lens 250D and EF25 extender, f/32 1 sec, manually focused, tripod. Scene lit by three incandescent desk lamps; image imported from camera raw at 2550 K color temperature.

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