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Almost all the images are copyright Vadim Makarov and can be used by others, as described in the copyright notice.

Most of these photos are used for illustration of other pages. Processing images for Web is very time-consuming. I actually have many more keepers than you see on this site.

Latest additions

Vadim Makarov, November 2013. Image ©IQC Vadim Makarov, December 2012 Elena Anisimova and Vadim Makarov Vadim Makarov with a part for avalanche photon detector Vadim Makarov with a part for avalanche photon detector

Note about technical info

While I include as full as possible technical data with all my pictures, please be advised that I do mostly share the common photographers’ opinion that knowing the data will not help you to learn how to take better pictures. Learn through your own shooting experience instead: this is absolutely important to you. Take your own notes.

There are exceptions to this rule, so instead of trying to decide what data is relevant and what is not, I just made it all available. Among the most useless info is what mild color conversion filter was used, what brand of film besides that it was ISO 100 slide one, and exact numerical values of meter readings (you can follow my metering approach, but cannot compare readings with what you see on the screen). That’s because I make color and tonal adjustments, sometimes extensive, to every scanned image. Also, I don’t think it matters what camera or lens was used, as long as the lens focal length and aperture is listed (again, there are rare exceptions, but you wouldn’t know of them unless I point you at how the image was affected).

Family photo archive...  My family photo archive  (1914—1992, about 60 images).

Vadim Makarov
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