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That’s me I am photographing since 1997 and consider myself a casual photographer with some dedication to this hobby. So far my photography has been restricted to 35mm color slides.

I used to hang out on, that is, in its forums every day, where I was once called one of the

“...rude vigilantes acting like jerks (who) post in your face answers to newcomers, instead of helping them to learn how the forum works in a welcoming and friendly manner.”
Well, that was before the forum was split into two, one moderated and another for any questions, which eliminated squabbles like this. regulars might also remember my question “Can you suck air through the buttons and dial on EOS 1N as well?” Everybody thougt it was a joke. I don’t know why. It’s a perfect test for the presence of moisture and dust seals in the camera body.
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