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Kolpino (suburb of St. Petersburg). Relatively new housing developments


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Taken on December 17, 1999 from a plane approaching Pulkovo 2 airport at the estimated altitude of 1100 m.
Fujichrome Sensia II 100 film, Canon EOS 500N, EF 28-80 1:3.5-5.6 IV USM lens at its wide end, UV(0) filter, f/4 1/60, partial metering: white and mostly white textures +1.5; handheld. Scanned on Nikon LS30 scanner. Uneven brightness across the image partially corected in Photoshop (via some work with layers and radial gradient tool).

In 2004, I was asked how much it would cost to take another shot like this in St. Petersburg. It turned out (after an extensive search for available services) that flying a helicopter to a specific point above the city followed by the obligatory security clearance of all the images I take would cost together no less than EUR 1600. Then, the client had to add my pay on top of that. A bit pricey, isn't it?
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