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Q Phone numbers
Lab QNC 3301  +1 519 8884567 ext. 30329
Lab QNC 3303  +1 519 8884567 ext. 39287
3rd floor student office QNC 3323  +1 519 8884567 ext. 39084  (Anqi, Poompong, Elena)
4th floor student office QNC 4323  +1 519 8884567 ext. 39047  (Shihan, Jin)
Postdoc office QNC 3116  (Hao)
Professor’s office QNC 3314  +1 519 8884567 ext. 31797  (Vadim)

    Vadim Makarov  (
Hao Qin  (
PhD students
Shihan Sajeed  (
Anqi Huang  (
Poompong Chaiwongkhot  (
Elena Anisimova  (
in collaboration with T. Jennewein’s group
Master’s students
Jin Gyu Lim  (
Undergraduate students
Ruoping Li  (
Open positions
Our group currently has a postdoc opening. Contact Vadim directly if interested.

If you already have a scholarship and want to join our group, please contact Vadim.

If you don’t have a scholarship: Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) – and our group – has PhD and Master’s admission open year-round. Candidates for grad positions at IQC have to complete a formal application to one of graduate programs in quantum information at the University of Waterloo. You can also apply to supplementary CryptoWorks21 cryptography- and business-skills training program. While you are welcome to contact professors directly, the formal application is necessary. Once your application is complete, it will be checked by the admission committee and become visible to many professors at IQC. These positions come with a scholarship, if some professor hires you.
Past members

    PhD students
Paulo Vinicius Pereira Pinheiro (2014–2015), Sarah Kaiser (2012–2014)
Carter Minshull (2014–2015), Mark Bourgon (2014), Dmitri Nikulov (2014), Nick Kuzmin (2013–2014), Krtin Kumar (2014), MacLean Kuraitis (2013), Mayank Mishra (2012)

People who formerly participated in experimental research at the previous lab location in Norway in 1998–2012:
Group members in Norway and Lars Lydersen’s PhD defence committee, September 2011 Group members in Norway, November 2008 Group members in Norway, September 2008
Johannes Skaar
Dag Roar Hjelme
Astrid Aksnes
PhD students (see list of thesis topics)
Qin Liu
Lars Lydersen
Master’s students (see list of thesis topics)
Audun Nystad Bugge
Aina Mardhiyah Mohamad Ghazali
Ole Christian Tvedt
Eivind Sjøtun Simonsen
Mikhail Ulianov
Mikhail Chizhov
Bendik Vignes
Alexey Brylevski
Artem Vakhitov
Kirill Vylegjanine
Torbjørn Nesheim
 Eve :(