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Press about our research, and commentary we’ve given


Canadian universities conducting joint research with Chinese military scientists, The Globe and Mail—features our paper on laser damage of optical attenuators :). Two weeks later, Ottawa ends all research funding with Chinese military and state security institutions. What is funny here, that paper was not a collaboration between Canada and China.


★ Press release by MISiS about our laser damage of isolators (in Russian and English) led to about 15 mentions in Russia. This press is boring as it just reprints our release, e.g.,
Специалисты из России, Китая и Таиланда защитили системы квантовой связи от "ослепления", ТАСС
Специалисты из России, Китая и Таиланда защитили системы квантовой связи от «ослепления», первый канал
Международная группа учёных защитила установку квантовой криптографии от атак со вбросом света, Хабр
Квантовая криптография / шифрование, Tadviser
Учёные из РФ, КНР и Таиланда придумали защиту от «квантовых хакеров», Большая Азия
The English press is slightly less boring:
Solution found to combat light-injection attacks, ensure security of quantum communications, Global Times


Scientists develop a way to lengthen a satellite’s lifespan 10 times for absolutely secure quantum communications, a press release by MISiS university that was reprinted by about 18 media outlets worldwide
Ученые разработали способ удлинить в 10 раз срок службы фотонного детектора для абсолютно защищенной квантовой связи, Научная Россия
Срок службы квантовых спутников связи предложили продлить за счет прогрева их датчиков, ТАСС


Quantum safe cryptography – the big picture by David Shaw
Моментальное решение задач и почти абсолютная защита данных: как применяют квантовые технологии и в чём их недостатки,


«Все важные секреты перестанут быть секретами в будущем»: Вадим Макаров, РКЦ — о квантовой криптографии, дырах в системах и атаках на спутники, Хайтек
量子加密惊现破绽?业界大咖纷纷回应!再来听听量子黑客怎么说…, 搜狐


Квантовое распределение ключей для защиты информации: тенденции и перспективы, вебинар компании Инфотекс
Квантовый троян: “абсолютно защищенная” связь оказалась дырявой, РИА Новости
“Догнать и перегнать”: Россия потеснит Европу на рынке квантовой связи, РИА Новости


Группа ведущих мировых специалистов по квантовому взлому из Канады проверила безопасность квантовой сети Университета ИТМО, новости университета ИТМО
Guest and local teams at ITMO
Canadian experts test ITMO quantum network, ITMO news
Công nghệ lượng tử hiện thực hóa khoa học viễn tưởng, Tuổi Trẻ
‘Quantum’ technology is the future, and it’s already here, Business Insider
Unbreakable: China doubles down on quantum internet, The Christian Science Monitor


Квантовый хакинг: как взламывают системы связи, которые невозможно взломать, новости университета ИТМО
How to hack into something that cannot be hacked?, ITMO news
★ Press after preprint about airborne quantum key distribution experiment led by the group of T. Jennewein, to which we contributed:
3 min youtube video summary shot by IQC
Canadians solve key puzzle for future of encryption, The Globe and Mail
Physicists, lasers, and an airplane: taking aim at quantum cryptography, Wired
Waterloo team pulls off encryption breakthrough, The Record
IQC researchers successfully conduct airborne demonstration of quantum key distribution (PDF, see page 5), Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute Toronto flyer
We’ve got photons! and IQC researchers successfully conduct airborne demonstration of quantum key distribution, IQC news

Hacking, cryptography, and the countdown to quantum computing, The New Yorker
Internet, jetzt aber sicher! (teaser; full article is in print only), Technology Review
How quantum satellite launch is helping China develop a communications system that ‘cannot be hacked’, South China Morning Post
The race to build the unhackable network (paywalled), Scientific American


Closing the last loophole for unhackable quantum security (paywalled; try free alternative without figures), New Scientist
Quantum encryption is no match for a scorching laser beam, researchers find, Motherboard
Lasers burn holes in quantum security systems, Physics World
Physicists defend against Trojan-horse quantum hackers, Physics World
Kvantkryptering gör all annan kryptering överflödig. Men fungerar det verkligen?,


Secure quantum communications go the distance, Physics World
The next battleground in the war against quantum hacking, MIT Technology Review. This article gives a surprisingly accurate and detailed account of our work.
5 things you should know about quantum internet, Business Insider
How Google can repel the attack of the NSA quantum computer, Wired
You’ve never heard of quantum encryption, but it’s the technology that “keeps our digital world running smoothly”, Business Insider
Cyberattack by breaking and entering, Physics Synopsis
NSA keys into quantum computing (PDF), Physics World
Quantum cryptography, Business


The quantum computing revolution: BlackBerry billionaire Mike Lazaridis is betting on tech that hasn’t been invented... yet (some pictures there are from our lab), National Post
IQC researcher awarded Canadian Space Agency contract, IQC news
Future-proof encryption, Communications of the ACM
Research fellowship helps quantum hacker secure our future (PDF), University of Waterloo Magazine
‘Drawing a secure cryptographic code can be done in principle’, The Hindu
A ‘unique’ quantum research centre, Physics World
Vadim Makarov peeking out of the door of his lab Peering inside the quantum universe, The Waterloo Region Record


★ Press about the 143 km quantum teleportation experiment by Zeilinger’s group, to which our lab has made a modest contribution:
Press releases from IQC Waterloo | IQOQI Vienna (in Russian, Chinese) | MPQ Garching (in German) | ESA (in Russian)
Physicists quantum teleport photons over 88 miles, Forbes
Teleportation: How far away are we from this Star Trek technology? (PDF), REACH Magazine
The race to bring quantum teleportation to your world, Wired
Vadim Makarov and Thomas Jennewein, holding a single-photon detector used in the teleportation experiment Waterloo researchers key to teleportation breakthrough | A quantum leap we can’t explain, The Waterloo Region Record
Distance record set for quantum teleportation, NBC News
Canadian scientists help break quantum teleportation distance record, Daily Brew
FYI: How quantum teleportation can bring us secure communications, PopSci
Quantum teleportation over 143 km smashes distance record, ZDNet
Physicists quantum teleport photons over 143 kilometers, ZME Science
New quantum teleportation record paves the way towards a worldwide quantum network, ExtremeTech
Quantum leaps for mankind, The Irish Times
(note: quantum teleportation does not allow for faster-than-light communication) Scientists set new ‘quantum teleportation’ record, PCMag
(note: quantum teleportation does not allow for faster-than-light communication) Quantum teleportation could let Earth phone ET’s home, TechNewsWorld
Discussion on Slashdot
Téléportation quantique, Scotty !, Mediapart
Forscher teleportieren Licht über 143 Kilometer, Spiegel
Forscher “beamen” Informationen 143 Kilometer weit, Die Welt
Forscher beamen Quanten 143 Kilometer weit, Financial Times Deutschland
Forscher beamen 143 Kilometer weit, 20 Minuten
Forscher “beamen” Information 143 km weit,
Forscher “beamen” Informationen, n-tv
Подтверждена квантовая телепортация на рекордное расстояние без волоконной оптики, Компьютерра
   Press after preprint:
European physicists smash Chinese teleportation record, MIT Technology Review
Austrian researchers set new world distance record for ‘quantum teleportation’, KurzweilAI
Quantum teleportation over record distance, prelude to space networks, Nanowerk
European researchers break Chinese quantum teleportation record, Forbes
European physicists break quantum teleportation record!
Canary Islands host long-distance quantum teleportation, The Register
Quantum teleportation record broken... again, Physics World
Quantum teleportation leaps forward, Science News
Quantum teleportation achieved over record distances, Scientific American
Record de distance battu pour la téléportation quantique : 143 km, Futura-Sciences
Побит рекорд дальности квантовой телепортации, Компьюлента
Европейцы побили китайский рекорд по квантовой телепортации, Лента.Ру
Chiński rekord teleportacji pobity przez Europejczyków,
Рекордът за квантова телепортация бе счупен... отново, Калдата

Bærekraft fordrer hjernekraft (bl.a. om Exxon Mobils forskerpris til Lars Lydersen), Universitetsavisa
How quantum cryptography works: And by the way, it’s breakable, TechRepublic
Quantum hacker joins IQC as research assistant professor, IQC news
Press below came out when the lab was located in Norway.


★ Press after our Bell’s inequality faking paper:
“Faked states” mimic quantum entanglement, Physics Today
Eve fools Alice and Bob, Physics Synopsis
Lasers illuminate quantum security loophole, Nature News
Fake violations of Bell tests reinforce importance of closing loopholes,
Article: Researchers show how to break quantum cryptography by faking quantum entanglement, Ars Technica
Uncrackable quantum crypto undermined by new attack, The Register
Физики сымитировали нарушение неравенств Белла в «классическом» эксперименте, Компьюлента
Quantenkryptographie: Bell-Ungleichung ausgetrickst,

Quantum hackers: Cracking the uncrackable code, New Scientist
Tredje generasjon disputerer, Universitetsavisa
A quantum leap for security, SC Magazine

★ Press after our Nature Communications publication on fully-implemented eavesdropper:
Selected press coverage in English: Physics World | BBC | InformationWeek | Slashdot | The Register | | Photonics Spectra | in Norwegian: | ABC Nyheter | in Spanish: ALT1040 | in Polish: | in Russian: Компьюлента | Лента.Ру.

Hack me if you can, Optics & Photonics Focus
Thermal blinding of gated detectors in quantum cryptography, OSA Spotlight on Optics


Quantum cryptography is secure... except when it’s not, Ars Technica
Quantum crypto experts dispute potency of ‘blinding’ hack: Boffin deathmatch, The Register
Article (PDF): Hacker på statens regning, VG.

★ Press after our Nature Photonics publication on cracking commercial quantum cryptography:
Watch news on NRK1 (2 min video). Selected press coverage in English: Nature News | Slashdot | International Business Times | TechRepublic | Ars Technica | PopSci | Bruce Schneier | PC Pro | Techworld | The Register | eWeek | ZDNet | GCN | InformationWeek | in German: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (PDF) | in French: Le Figaro | | in Norwegian: audio interview with Lars Lydersen on NRK Verdt å vite (MP3, 14 min) | more on studentradioen (MP3, 5 min) | (also in Danish) | | NRK Trøndelag | Teknisk Ukeblad | Gemini | Elektronikknett | Adresseavisen | Universitetsavisa | in Russian: Компьюлента | in Chinese: 新华网.

Quantum cryptography: Light fantastic. Secure cryptography is only as safe as its weakest link, The Economist


Le secret était presque parfait : la cryptographie quantique n’est pas invulnérable, Le Monde


Laser cracks ‘unbreakable’ quantum communications, New Scientist
Bryter seg inn i fremtidens krypteringsmetode, Adresseavisen
Loophole found in quantum cryptography photon detectors, The physics arXiv blog
A quantum crack that wasn’t: new attack hits photon detector, Ars Technica


Bombesikker kryptokode, Teknisk Ukeblad
 Eve :(