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    Russian Quantum Center       MISiS University  
M. Lucamarini, A. Shields, R. Alléaume, C. Chunnilall, I. P. Degiovanni, M. Gramegna, A. Hasekioglu, B. Huttner, R. Kumar, A. Lord, N. Lütkenhaus, V. Makarov, V. Martin, A. Mink, M. Peev, M. Sasaki, A. Sinclair, T. Spiller, M. Ward, C. White, and Z. Yuan,
Implementation security of quantum cryptography,
ETSI white paper no. 27 (ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, 2018).
PDF (1.2 MiB)
D. R. Hjelme, L. Lydersen, and V. Makarov,
Quantum cryptography (chapter),
in A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Information Security, edited by S. F. Mjølsnes (CRC Press, 2011).
arXiv:1108.1718 [quant-ph];
Russian translation of arXiv:1108.1718v1

Doctoral theses: complete list

  • Anqi Huang, “Quantum hacking in the age of measurement-device-independent quantum cryptography,” PhD thesis (2018): PDF (6.5 MiB).
  • Elena Anisimova (this one was completed in T. Jennewein’s group but we collaborated a lot), “Single-photon detectors for long distance quantum communications,” PhD thesis (2018): PDF (123 MiB).
  • Shihan Sajeed, “Security evaluation of practical quantum communication systems,” PhD thesis (2017): PDF (17.1 MiB).
  • Lars Lydersen, “Practical security of quantum cryptography,” PhD thesis (2011): PDF (10.1 MiB).
  • Vadim Makarov, “Quantum cryptography and quantum cryptanalysis,” doktor ingeniør thesis (2007): PDF (39.1 MiB).

Master’s theses: complete list

Selected student project reports

  • Ruoping Li, “Laser damage attacks against optical attenuators in QKD systems,” Phys 437A course report (2018): PDF (1.9 MiB).
  • Audun Nystad Bugge, “Preparation of experiment for controlled laser damage of single-photon avalanche photodiode” (2011): PDF (2.9 MiB).
  • Eivind Sjøtun Simonsen, “Decoy state generator for quantum key distribution system” (2009): PDF (9.8 MiB).
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