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D. R. Hjelme, L. Lydersen, and V. Makarov,
Quantum cryptography (chapter),
in A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Information Security, edited by S. F. Mjølsnes (CRC Press, 2011).
arXiv:1108.1718 [quant-ph];
Russian translation of arXiv:1108.1718v1

Doctoral theses: complete list

  • Anqi Huang, “Quantum hacking in the age of measurement-device-independent quantum cryptography,” PhD thesis (2018): PDF (6.5 MiB).
  • Elena Anisimova (this one was completed in T. Jennewein’s group but we collaborated a lot), “Single-photon detectors for long distance quantum communications,” PhD thesis (2018): PDF (123 MiB).
  • Shihan Sajeed, “Security evaluation of practical quantum communication systems,” PhD thesis (2017): PDF (17.1 MiB).
  • Lars Lydersen, “Practical security of quantum cryptography,” PhD thesis (2011): PDF (10.1 MiB).
  • Vadim Makarov, “Quantum cryptography and quantum cryptanalysis,” doktor ingeniør thesis (2007): PDF (39.1 MiB).

Master’s theses: complete list

Selected student project reports

  • Audun Nystad Bugge, “Preparation of experiment for controlled laser damage of single-photon avalanche photodiode” (2011): PDF (2.9 MiB).
  • Eivind Sjøtun Simonsen, “Decoy state generator for quantum key distribution system” (2009): PDF (9.8 MiB).
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