Gear of Old City Bridge in Trondheim


owned by Vadim Makarov, listed for his Photo Pages
Not that gear is important, but...

Being carried on my back every day:

Trafikanten. Oslo

Collecting dust in a closet:

  1. Cheap Hama tripod (the flimsiest I know of: 900 gram, six-section telescopic legs, 130cm when extended. Still, it was much better than no tripod)
  2. Cheap Hama camera bag: soaked rain like a sponge
  3. Canon EOS 500N (Rebel G) camera body
  4. Canon EF 28-80 1:3.5-5.6 IV USM lens (had significant play in the front element/ focusing ring, just like all similar lenses, which ruined me several pictures by slipping out of focus while I was recomposing after setting the focus)
  5. Canon 220EX flash
  6. Kodak Professional Photoguide
  7. Uncoated UV filter. It once caused me a peculiar ghost (see image at left) due to reflections off the filter.

    Also gadgets that I bought, carried in the bag for a year, but never got to use:

  8. Canon 500D close-up lens
  9. Canon 250D close-up lens
  10. Canon EF25 extension tube

Pentium processor under microscope

On my work table:

Two big 5000K light tables (one at home and one at work),
Schneider 4x loupe (for me),
Horizon 4x loupe (for my guests who brush the loupe glass with their thickly painted eyelashes),
Schneider 10x loupe,
office scissors (I cut film with them),
Gepe PRO VR punch (modified),
A big box of Gepe PRO VR glass slide mounts,
Gepe slide mounting press,
Gepe straight slide trays, in 2x50 tray boxes.

I should actually add to the list a compessed air nozzle in our optics lab, but it is connected to the building air network, which is too big to pretend that I own it. Small compressors are commercially available, however. I use it to dust everything off, especially when mounting slides: summary about my method of glass slide mounting.

I have free access to Nikon LS-30 and Nikon LS-2000 film scanners and use my decent office PC with Photoshop for image processing.  
Hopefully now you are excited enough to view my pictures taken with all this equipment.

If you are incredibly lucky, you can also watch me operating a Leica Pradovit P 300 IR slide projector (90mm Colorplan lens) put on custom-made aluminium plate that mounts onto A-S clamp on my tripod, drawing available... Okay, okay, I shut up.

Here are, by the way, some useful pages from the manual on the Leica Pradovit series projector:

Vadim Makarov
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