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Northern lights over NTNU Gløshaugen. Trondheim, Norway


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Taken just before dawn on October 22, 1999. This bright display lasted for about a minute.
Fujichrome Sensia II 100 film, Canon EOS 500N, EF 28mm 1:1.8 USM lens (perspective corrected in Photoshop), UV(0) filter, f/1.8 10sec, lens focus mistakenly set slightly past infinity ("at the hyperfocal distance" on the wrong side of the infinity mark; I was sleepy), tripod. Scanned on Nikon LS-30 scanner. Colors may be somewhat inaccurate, because tonal and color adjustments were made digitally. (Trondheim: 63.36N 10.23E)

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Vadim Makarov