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Trip to Lofoten, September 2001

Group photo another version...
Version 2

Fishing trip to Flatanger, April 21-22, 2001

Vegard Mediaas  On this trip, some of us experienced ocean fishing for the first time.

When the captain uses a sonar to positions the boat just above a school of fish, it's not exactly difficult to take up as many fishes as you have hooks on your gear. A bit of luck, and we all had a pretty similar menu for the next week.

Artem Pilipenko
After you have fish, you only need salt to grill it. Even if you have no salt and no fish,
you can still collect oysters right at the shore and roast them.
+8 °C water
Grilling fish and oysters      I was wearing my winter hat photographing these three brave men:
On the top of a nearby hill:
Group photo
a couple more versions...
Version 1 Version 3

Meanwhile, Johan Brus snapped... Me me, taking the group picture.

Two more happy fishers: Johan Brus Johan Brus

Trip to Lofoten, September 2000

Group photo Sea near Bodø Galina Kouteeva

Vadim Makarov
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