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NTNU camera club. Nature photo workshop with Lars Dybvik, 1999


My only other decent nature picture from this workshop Left to right: Kjell H. Andersen, Ole Kristian Aaset, Karin Skog (club president), Sindre Kjetil Frigstad, Birgitte Rossavik Gundersen, Bjoern Hallberg, Oeystein Birkenes, Erik Kristian Lassa (guy above), Kristina Norne-Widell, Jakob Tysdal, Siri Refsland Toennessen, Knut Lyngstad, Einar Stamnes, Nils Erik Pande-Rolfsen - all are members of the camera club. Lars Dybvik is not in this photo.

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Fujichrome Sensia II 100 film, Canon EOS 500N, EF 75-300 1:4-5.6 II lens at short end, R3 filter, f/5.6 1/4, >A-DEP foreground grass - pine tree at right, partial metering: palm of the hand 0 (palm held vertical) to +2.5 (palm faced up - max reflection), green -2 to -1.5, dark clothes at the left side -2; tripod. Taken in overcast evening of October 24, 1999. Scanned on MagnaScan 656IM drum scanner.

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Vadim Makarov