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Norwegian Cryptographic Seminar. Trondheim, Norway, October 17-18, 2002

Image with people numbered 
  1. Berner Larsen (Høgskolen i Bodø)
  2. Johan P. Hansen (Aarhus Universitet)
  3. Anders Paulshus (FO/S)
  4. Aslak Buan (NTNU)
  5. Audun Steinholm (FO)
  6. Kristian Gjøsteen (NTNU)
  7. Stig Frode Mjølsnes (NTNU; seminar chairman)
  8. ?? (student at NTNU)
  9. Marie Elisabeth Gaup Moe (student at NTNU)
  10. Olga Masnyk Hansen (SDU/Odense)
  11. Loren D. Olson (UiT)
  12. Øyvind Grinde (UiT)
  13. Sverre G. Smalø (NTNU)
  14. Tord Ingolf Reistad (Q-Free Tolling AS)
  15. Kristian Ranestad (UiO)
  16. Hans Georg Schaathun (UiB)
  17. Erik Parr (Telenor R&D)
  18. Tore Mortensen (FO)

– standing around the sculpture "15 Cubes" in Elektro building, NTNU.
These aren't all participants; three or four people are missing from the picture.

This picture from Quantum hacking lab gallery illustrates “Quantum Cryptography” presentation and is included in Picture Collection (ref. nr. a180-26) on Photo Pages

Taken on October 18, 2002.
Fujichrome Sensia II 100 film, Canon EOS-3, EF 28-105 1:3.5-4.5 USM lens at 75mm, 81A filter, f/6.3 1/8, >DOF on the area where people are standing, spot metering: monument +1.7 (except bright spot on the top), floor up to +2.7; tripod. Scanned on Nikon LS-2000 scanner. Perspective partially corrected in Photoshop.

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