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Lights of Trondheim

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by Vadim Makarov for his Photo Pages

"Fire Butterfly"
Aurora over NTNU Gloeshaugen Aurora over Trondheim

The northern lights often appear in Trondheim, yet many people never notice them — probably because the city is so well lit at night. You need to walk away from the street lights, which are much brighter than aurora, and allow your eyes to adjust before you can see this marvelous sight.

One night I was asked by an African immigrant who was delivering newspapers to homes early in the autumn morning: “What is this — snow?” (pointing at the aurora corona right above us). Probably, he had seen neither of the two phenomena before.

Statue at NTNU Gloeshaugen Monument Integration Snowman at NTNU

Byaasen. Snowy night NTNU Main Building Nardo gas-station

Poplar at night Bakke Bru Rainbow

Trondheim is a good place to photograph rainbows. Firstly, the sun spends more time low above the horizon. Secondly, on many days, bands of storm clouds and sunny breaks between them pass in rapid sequence: the ideal situation for seeing rainbows (why? About rainbows).

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Vadim Makarov
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