Year 1998

images in chronological order  (roll nr. n8-n43);  a part of Vadim Makarov’s picture database
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New 1998 Year party Tyholt-tårnet Tyholt TV tower Byåsen and Gråkallen hill Bryggene on Nidelva Monument "Integrasjon" Nidaros Cathedral Christmas tree from above Svetlana’s farewell party, 1998 Troll in Trondheim Torg Construction site of Realfagbygget Gas-station in Trondheim Per aspera ad astra. Mural at NTNU Moholt kirke Gamle Bybro Coins Dog-beggar in St. Petersburg Staff of Optical Technologies Library of SPbSTU Graduates of Radiophysics Department, 1998 Palace Square in St. Petersburg Dust-storm in St. Petersburg Elena Anisimova Cruiser Aurora Monument to sailors and founders of Russian fleet Trinity Church in St. Petersburg The Bronze Horseman The Bronze Horseman (no selective adjustments) Monument to V. Lenin in St. Petersburg (1) Palace embankment. St. Petersburg Kollontai street. St. Petersburg My father with his grandson-in-law Private cabbage plantation Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg Trafikanten. Oslo Statue to Olav Tryggvason Royal Residence in Trondheim Dried mushrooms Steinan student village Old City Bridge in Trondheim Bakke Bru Aurora over Trondheim Sign at military installation in Norway Trondheim at snowy night (flipped horizontally) Trondheim at snowy night (original photo) NTNU Main building 15 Cubes in Elektro building Quantum Information people in Scandinavia, 1998 Glass column in Stockholm Light Drop. Stockholm. Photo by Mia Hanson Light Drop. Stockholm

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Why there are so many photos scanned from my first rolls? Being a graduate student, I had a lot of free time and little money, thus was considering carefully how to spend every frame. Also, processing all these scans to put them on the site wasn’t taking my time away back then.

Later, the number of rolls shot became no concern as long as it helped obtain better final result, so I was getting fewer keepers per roll (but probably not per hour). Note that less than one frame from an average roll ends up on my site, and the similar figure in respect to time spent on photography looks even more pathetic. I’m glad it’s a hobby, not a business :)

Vadim Makarov