Moholt church

Lights of Trondheim

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by Vadim Makarov for his Photo Pages

Tyholt TV tower
Construction of Realfagbygget
early 1998

Construction site of Realfagbygget
Crystal Ball at Realfagbygget Brand new Realfagbygget
late 1999


UKA-1999 Main building of NTNU over Nidelva Berg student village

Trondheim Torg
Trondheim Torg Trondheim Torg  
Trondheim Torg

Kristiansten fort Byaasen and Graakallen hill Tyholt TV tower

Royal Residence (Stiftsgården) Trondheim public library

Rainbow over Nidarosdomen Northern lights over Moholt student village

On the New Year, everybody is out launching fireworks. The city does not stage a municipal fireworks display, but the population buys and launches more than enough. Most of the stock is shot off in about quarter an hour around midnight. This creates a wonderful but brief photo opportunity.

New Year 2004 fireworks (1)
New Year 2004 fireworks (2)

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Vadim Makarov
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