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Archive materials for Quantum communications course given in previous years

For the last / current year course materials, please see the main page.


Lecture 1 (introduction)
Lecture 2 (quantum optics)
Lectures 3&4 (quantum optics, QKD)
Lecture 5 (QKD implementations)
Lectures 6–9 were done on the blackboard.
Lectures 10&11 (quantum hacking, Trojan-horse attack), journal paper L. Lydersen et al., “Hacking commercial quantum cryptography systems by tailored bright illumination,” Nat. Photonics 4, 686 (2010).
Lecture 12 (detector control attack), journal paper J.-G. Ren et al., “Ground-to-satellite quantum teleportation,” Nature 549, 70 (2017).
Lecture 13 was done on the blackboard, journal paper M. Lucamarini et al., “Overcoming the rate–distance limit of quantum key distribution without quantum repeaters,” Nature 557, 400 (2018).
Lecture 14 (source distinguishability; certification and audit)

List of topics for exam preparation